A Reply to "Yeshua - A Pre-Existent Messiah"

 by Tom Young

Scripture states there are twenty two (22) mysteries in the Brit Chadashah (New or Renewed Testament/Covenant), two (2) of which are "great:" Messiah and the body of believers, and God being manifest in the flesh. It is the latter of these two which no two believers precisely agree upon, precisely because it is a "great mystery."  The Apostle Sha'ul (Paul) said we see things through a glass darkly now, and thus it is with this topic.

When one asks for definition of "Yeshua being Yahweh," there is of necessity qualification that is needed on the immediate heels of that phrase.  In one sense, the phrase is incorrect, due to the many statements made in scripture concerning Yeshua's humanity.  But in another sense, amply highlighted in the original article, Yeshua made statements that Yahweh also made: thus, as a basis for our discussion, we can start from that foundation.

Scripture is clear that Yeshua made himself equal with Yahweh, and that Yeshua has seen Yahweh.  We also know from scripture that Yeshua has the same throne as Yahweh after all is said and done, and that (Yahweh being the Father), Yeshua's name is called the eternal Father.  These are important statements which truly deserve our utmost meditations.

On a deeper level, the scripture says that the Spirit of the Messiah was in the prophets of the Tanakh (Older Testament/Covenant).  The context continues by saying they searched the manner of time in which the Messiah would both suffer and then be glorified.  This phraseology can be confusing in that there is both a human spirit in the Messiah, as evidenced in the Gospels (first four books of the Renewed Covenant), as well as the Ruach (Spirit) of the Most High operating in the Messiah.  Context dictates which is being spoken of directly, regarding the testimony of specific sections of the scriptures.

Enigmatic 'personages' pepper the entire length of the Tanakh, including (but not limited to): Melchizadek and the Angel of Yahweh.  The former is spoken of in scripture as having no father, mother, descent, beginning of days, or end of life. Yahweh's name is in the Angel of Yahweh.  Who are these 'personages'?

Such questions defy simplistic and segmented answers.  Our fellowship is With both the Father and with His Son Yeshua HaMaschiach (Jesus Christ), which takes one out of the realm of intellect and into the realm of relationship. It is this reason (to cite one) that the scriptures declare the fullness of the Most High dwelling in the Messiah as a "great mystery."  For how does one amply define a relationship by mere words?  Is not the All Infinite One, which Encompasses the whole of His plan, beyond systematic categorization?  For the children of Israel saw (not heard) the voice of the Most High; and others (including Jacob, Isaiah, and Peter) "saw" His 'personage' in much the same light.

I do not pretend to have this all nailed down, but one thing is certain: Yeshua, the Messiah, the Son of the living God, is the pivotal point on which all of our relationship with Yahweh rests.  It is up to us to cultivate that relationship, in Spirit and in Truth, so that we do not misrepresent Yahweh either in daily devotion or in daily lifestyle.