This page contains teachings and writings by Rabbi Earl Walters as well as selected writings by guest teachers. Guest teachings do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of Tallit Ministries, Inc. These teachings are provided as a resource and a starting point for further study. We believe that each individual, before accepting any teaching, should read the relevant passages in Torah and prayerfully seek the guidance of the Ruach Ha'Kodesh (Holy Spirit).

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Messianic Israel Daily Siddur – Mayim Hayim Version
Messianic Israel Daily Siddur – Sha’ul ben Yisrael Version
Feast Days - A Time of Revival
Seven Vessels (html)
Ancient Amidah (html)
Yeshua - A Pre-Existent Messiah
Kedoshim/A Study of Psalm 119
John 17 - Pt. 1 of 3 - Yeshua Prays for Himself
John 17 - Pt. 2 of 3 - Yeshua Prays for His Disciples
John 17 - Pt. 3 of 3 - Yeshua Prays for All Believers
Lashon Hara
Resist the devil
The Touchstone

Wine in the Scriptures
A Return Through the Wilderness - The Final Exodus
Lashon Hara - 2005
Husbands & Wives Together - Pt. 1
A Husband's Position in Marriage - Pt 2
Shavuot - Was Torah Given 50 Days after Egypt?
Understand the Revelation Series
Psalm 95
True Salvation
Be Still and Meditate on His Word
Called to Serve
6000 Years of Restoration of Torah
Yahshua's Last Supper

What is a Messianic Congregation?
What is the Torah?

Shocking Youth Message - Paul Washer (audio) (video)

Nazarene Jewish Manifesto
Why Everyone Should Keep Torah

The Background to John 10
Heart of A Woman
Another View of Christmas
Marriage Through Hebrew Eyes
Biggest Mathematical Miracle in the World
Authority of the Writings of Rav Shaul
Why Do We Keep Sabbath?
Counting the Omer
Lashon Hara
The Chosen Vessel

Yeshua and the "Law"
A Reply to "Yeshua - A Pre-Existent Messiah"
The Greater and Lesser YHWH
When are Tithes and Offerings Proper?
Manifestation of Elohim

Devil's Beatitudes
Love That Lasts

A Tale of Two Churches

Yahweh of All

Who is Yahshua?
Yahshua Our Messiah Yahweh

Yahweh - Attributes of His Name

Understanding Yahweh

The Red Heifer
The Feast Days of the God of Israel

Yom Teruah

Thou Shalt Eat Anything

What Do We Mean by Community?

The Proper Protocol

A Question of Authority

Relationship Between Faith and Works

Techelet - Tzitzit and Woman

Lunar Shabbat Debunked
The Evil Eye

Women's Mikvah Prayer

Jewish Roots of the American Constitution

Uncovering the Truth About Modesty


Okay, Yahshua Died

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